The awesome power of nine-year-olds

Got a nine-year-old? Know any? Then watch out. They’re not to be messed with.

They have reach, power and influence beyond what you’d ever imagine.

Check these two out.

1. Nine-year-old Martha Payne from Argyll in western Scotland. Her school dinners aren’t great. Not very tasty, not very healthy, not very much. So she started taking photos like this…

Appetising? No?

and posting them on her blog .  Just one totey wee little blog that no one will ever notice.

Oh really? After almost no time at all, the local council (which runs the school catering) and the Scottish government are having to defend themselves to every media organisation. And defend themselves with a rictus grin. Because it doesn’t do to be cross or dismissive with a nine-year-old girl who just wanted to do an interesting writing project. (At least, not in public.)

Somewhere in Argyll there’s a teacher who gave permission for Martha to bring her camera into Lochgilphead primary school who’s either hugging him/herself with glee, or else worried about future employment prospects. Whoever you are, I salute you!

I can also confirm that Martha can speak up for herself very well – as well as writing a killer blog. She has an endearing giggle too.

2. Nine-year-old Caine from East Los Angeles. I like and admire children who have an idea and then actually start trying to make it reality. It’s so refreshing. Caine is like that.

While spending the summer at his dad’s used car parts shop, he built his own amusement arcade from cardboard boxes. It’s ingenious and full of excellent features and twists. (I particularly like the calculator-based multi-pass authentification system.) You should watch the short film. It’s inspiring and very very cute. You might even shed a happy tear.

That’s the other thing about nine-year-olds. You won’t notice them taking over the world because they’re so damn cute.



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21 responses to “The awesome power of nine-year-olds

  1. Martha and Caine are brave and daring kids; these two are going places.
    Blessings – Maxi

  2. Nigel

    Caine is Able, and not to be beaten at school either.

  3. I love their faces; i had read, regarding, girls and women, that if women are stuck in life, think back to when one was9 and look at all the qualities, but particularly what were you doing at that age. It’s a productive age for sure;

  4. Thank our maker that children have a voice and the days of being seen and not heard, are well over.

  5. Thank goodness these young people are part of this planet’s future — they’re going places — great places!

  6. With kids like this you need not worry about the future, right?

  7. Only one of Charles Dickens children became really successful; it seemed that his brilliance might be forgotten- this little lad has the same flare and genius, could he somehow be a distant relative? Could our Government offer him further education in this country? He would be able to devote maybe a few hours a week to showing our Dave and George what to do to improve the economy

    • blackwatertown

      Even better – maybe I can find someone to create a cardboard arcade where I live. Do you think I could charge rent?

  8. rummuser

    I can vouch for some other 9 year olds that I interact with and I agree, I don’t mess with them.

  9. zimnoch

    Slightly Reminds Me Of These Photos !

  10. Three cheers for Martha Payne, exposing the pitiful state of school dinners so graphically. Apparently teachers all over the country are complaining about diminishing portions, the result of outside contractors trying to cut costs and make a fatter profit. So the kids are brain-starved and unable to concentrate properly. No wonder they’re under-achieving.

    • blackwatertown

      Though she doesn’t seem like one herself – an under-achiever, that is.
      But in the main I agree. My local primary school has dumped the contractor because it simply wasn’t up to scratch – food kept running out, etc.

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