And then finally, the Obituarist happened…

In a shock development, The Obituarist has now been published as an ebook.

You can download it from Smashwords here or from Amazon here and the cover looks like this…

I fiddled around with various design packages until the incomparable Clem said: “Here, wait a minute. What if I just do this, and then this and then… Ta Dah!” See him? See computers? And guitars. And keyboards. Smashing.

At the moment The Obituarist can be downloaded (from here)  for various devices, including kindles, or just your normal computer. But it’s not on Amazon yet, though I’m working on it. It’s on Amazon here.

What I really want to do is just frolic around smiling away to myself and getting the next one ready.

But your feedback would be welcome. Cover? Price? Content?

There’s more information about the actual content – the blurb – here (just another page on this blog). Do you think what I’ve written there would entice anyone to read the story?

If you do download it – which will make your part of a very select group (for now anyway) – you’ll also be able to review it. Both of which in turn will make The Obituarist more likely to be promoted by the hosting website.

I still love books – the physical paper and hardbacks with which one can build ramps for toy cars. And mini-tents. And bridges. And read them too.

But while I prepare to go down the traditional route to get Blackwatertown published, it’s fun to experiment with the new way the world’s going too – hence The Obituarist as an ebook.

At the very least, I felt righteous sitting in the sun on Sunday afternoon after I’d pressed the publish button. And that’s a good feeling.



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26 responses to “And then finally, the Obituarist happened…

  1. Paul, good luck. I am a paper person. The ephemeral I am ambivalent about. I need to be able to lay my hands on print.

    “Obituarist”? Sounds great. Never will you learn more about a person, be more inspired, than when reading their obituary. How many friends I have made – posthumously.


    • blackwatertown

      I don’t want to wait till then. I want to hear the stories from the horse’s mouth.

      • Paul, where are my manners when I need them? Completely forgot to congratulate you on your venture. Just looked into how best to buy you – should you ever need a pimp I am yours – and will, most likely, go for the PDF version. That way I still have paper in my hand, reading by candlelight.

        Love the title.


      • blackwatertown

        Thanks – and for the title feedback.

  2. “What I really want to do is just frolic around smiling away to myself and getting the next one ready.”

    As WELL you should. I’m thrilled, and kicking up my heels for you on this side of the pond. Well done!

  3. Woo Hoo! Congratulations on pressing the publish button! Now I am off to spread the word and Smashwords details to friend I told you about.

  4. I am a tech wiz! With the aid of all the Help sections, I have just paid the money and downloaded the book. I may need to bask in wizardy glory for a while before I start to read 🙂

    Oh, and by the way- HURRAH! Congratulations, you! I hope you’re still frolicking

    • blackwatertown

      I couldn’t respond for a while – had to have excited jiggling or jigging – not sure which. You are now part of a very select band – which I hereby name Los Originales. Possibly because of this song that erupted in my head…

      Meanwhile, I salute your wizardy, You Magicsty.
      And thank you too.

  5. Great read. Enjoyed it immensely. Left a review. Hope it’s not too long.
    Cover is perfect. Love the idea of the grenade. Once you’ve pulled the pin it’s only a matter of time. And blood all over the place.


    • blackwatertown

      Thanks Póló. I might have to go away and have a wee cup of tea to calm down now. Thanks very much for the review – which is a story in itself. Some things are meant to stay in the morgue until it’s safe for them to come out. (You’ll have to read Póló’s review to know what we’re talking about.)

  6. Nice one. Now all you need to do is go to Hay on Wye and start a feud with VS Naipaul.

  7. Let me know when it is on last century paper. I’m not Kindled or E-ed (yet) and savour my books and their pages ludditely.
    Meanwhile, frolicking congrats to you. Well done!

  8. rummuser

    Congratulations. I am delighted for you.

    I clicked on the link, went to Smashwords, paid for it and down loaded for kindle. It did not down load in my kindle, but on my computer’s download folder! I suppose that I now have to go to Amazon and get it transferred to my kindle as I certainly will not be able to read on the computer.

  9. rummuser

    Just so that you do not have sleepless nights worrying about that complaining Indian, it is now on my kindle.

  10. Yeee hawww! Congratulations 🙂 And a big hearty slap on the back! That’s wonderful news and I’m so pleased for you 🙂 I lack a kindley thingy to d-load it onto at this time…I’m not sure how mobile b-band will cope with the d-loads yet. Depends how big they are (5GB max monthly useage) …but very cool cover 🙂

  11. rummuser

    Great plot very well told BWT. I enjoyed reading it and once I started to read, I could not put the kindle down till I finished reading.

  12. This is big – really BIG! Congratulations- I shall be downloading it and reading it very shortly. Well jell- you’re in (virtual) print baby!!

  13. 29

    What serendipity! I have never wanted to download an e-book before and I do not have an e-book reader but now that I do, don’t I see that Which has just published a report on them. So now I’m off to get a best buy…I am tempted to say, ‘only the best buy for your book’ but I won’t or I would quickly become a Uriah in youreyeas. Really though, I did enjoy the taster that I have read on the net.

    • blackwatertown

      Aha – shock confession – neither do I have an ebook reader. So I’ll be checking out the Which? verdict too – because it’s high time I had one.

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