The art of Muslim flirting

She’s definitely winking. Picture from a post about Muslim TV sex counseller Heba Kotb on a different blog. (Warning – Some of the comments are graphic. But you’ll be quite safe on Nadia’s blog.)

The art of Muslim flirting. Such a great title. Sounds better than – here’s a round up of interesting blog things. Which is what this really is.

But it begins with Muslims flirting. Nadia El-Awady reveals all here and gives some top tips. Don’t be creepy, but do try arm wrestling.

With tough, scary and confusing times in Greece, are Greeks really as lazy as some people make out? No, says Sturdyblog. It’s a myth not borne out by the evidence.

A London mosque near the Olympic site struggles with extremists. This time the moderates win. Usama Hasan tells the story on his Unity blog here. (He’s featured on my blog before, in the firing line for being reasonable.) .

Ever feel that you may write, sure – but you’re not a real writer? Kristina at Ten Minute Missive used to feel that way too. Not any more. She’s in print and it feels great. Congratulations Kristina.

Sana over at the A Friend to Yourself blog has some excellent advice of which we should all take heed. Especially me. Especially now. Because it’s past midnight. Go to bed. Sleep. Probable even more of a miracle worker on morale and health (mental and physical) than a cup of tea. Which is what I’m about to have first.

Teenage Bling by Carl D’Agostino

Carl at I Know I Made You Smile is doing what it says on the tin. Making me smile. Here’s a recent one from him. An earlier look at Christmas stress appealed to me here.

And finally. Renée at Lessons for Teachers and Twits has an impressive book story. It’s about a 12-year-old boy who saw a need and stepped in to fill it – to help lots of younger children have the chance to read. It’s cool.



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12 responses to “The art of Muslim flirting

  1. Great links, thank you. My favorite was to Renee’s Lessons for Teachers and Twits 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout out !

  3. I follow A Friend to Yourself too.

  4. I was never any good at flirting (in my pre-Jenny days, that is). Women were always telling me I was a hopeless flirt and they had no idea I’d been interested in them for ages. Most men seem to be the opposite, they flirt embarrassingly with any woman in sight and usually just drive them away and make complete fools of themselves.

    • blackwatertown

      Hopeless flirt – that’s one of those either way descriptions. Either hopeless as in rubbish at it – or hopeless flirt as in never deterred and indefatiguable. I think you’re going for the former option. But jenny has been the ultimate beneficiary.

  5. You definitely know how to keep a reader entertained.
    Too cool!

  6. Thanks for the linky love. I think that article on Muslim women is hilarious. Today I popped up a post about my son who JUST discovered girls exist. I’m so freaked out about what comes next. 😉

    • blackwatertown

      I think it happens gradually – lulling you into a false sense of security.
      Then again, for my own part, I thought I was better informed than I really was.

  7. Love the post will be back again to visit and tell friends about excellent site and original posts.

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