Pessimism v Optimism (& Pies)

The world’s most accurate pie chart. The pie is not yet half eaten.

Conrad asks: Is pessimism more realistic than optimism?

This is the point when people start talking about glasses being half empty or half full. Too late. I’ve drunk it. Though I know where there’s more. Which means… Dunno.

But why talk about glasses when there are pies to consider. Doesn’t just looking at that fans flames of optimism in your stomach?

And sure – it may seem like the summer in Britain is fit only for ducks and Noah. But whatever the weather, don’t forget it’s swimsuit season! Doesn’t that thought and the picture below cheer you up?

This season’s look…

(Hey, if they can do it, we all can. That’s gotta be grounds for a tiny little smile.)

So which is more realistic – optimism or pessimism? Depends how long you wait. We’ll all be a long time dead. Though depending on your views on the afterlife, that could be grounds for celebration. So what can you do? Hope for the best and plan for the worst?

I choose to face the music. And dance.

(Probably best if everyone faces the other direction. My dancing is not a pretty sight.)

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23 responses to “Pessimism v Optimism (& Pies)

  1. Talk about a hoist. Hope those guys won’t suffer whip lash.

    As I said at Grannymar’s: Halves don’t do it for me. My glass is full to the brim – and if it isn’t you better keep topping it up, Paul. That way I won’t be able to keep count of “units”, a pastime I detest, and still drink you under the table. Where we may meet and introduce ourselves to each other.

    Whether that makes me an optimist, a pessimist or a drunken realist I will leave to your balanced judgement.


  2. I guess the guys in the mankini must be optimistic that they look absolutely fabulous. While onlookers are pessimistic that they might actually stroll around like that for the rest of the day.

    I think I’m optimistic about my personal future, but pessimistic about the future of the world. And probably neither is realistic.

    • blackwatertown

      And they’re optimistic that nobody will ping their straps.
      Unless they like that sort of thing.
      In which case…
      Oh this is getting too complicated.

  3. I dont think it cheered me up,but it did take away my appetite.

  4. I am optimistic, sometimes the theme of buoyant pathos just runs through me, like a cork bobbing in the ocean of despair. that said, i have a world view that believes in the future, in the dawning of a new age, in the Native american prophecies, in prophecies in religions, and I’m a Baha’i, but I’m not here to promote me, my Faith, however, i’ll tell you in the Hindu religion there was a prophet, Nana something or other who said we would live int he age of the Kali Yuga where great injustices would occur, and, get ready for this – there’d be a lot of crows, an abundance of crows – that part was literal – and I am here to tell you, we are immersed in cros and squirrels here in Pasadena, CA, so i smike but I keep my eye on the horizon and look for the end in the beginning. Love to all

    • blackwatertown

      You’ve got me worried now. There’s a Hitchcock season on at the British Film Institute in London. And for Hitchcock, read Birds. Crows. Lots of ’em.
      I wonder are the squirrels valiantly defending us against the avian invaders?

  5. What do you mean your dancing is not a pretty sight? Remember I have the evidence…. you only stood on my toes once! . 😉

  6. Dear Lord God have mercy! Excuse me a moment while I pull my eyebrows back out of my hairline. The photograph of the gents in their “swimwear” has caused me to choke on my red wine (it’s 7:30pm here). Lordy, I think this actually calls for another glass!

    • blackwatertown

      Ah the life you lead…
      Purusing pictures of gents in their swimwear as you sip (or splutter) on your wine…

  7. summer in Britain is fit only for ducks and Noah.

    Well said.

    • 29

      Why are ‘pie charts’ always round? Back in my primary school days we learned that “Pies are squared”. I suppose it is just part of this continual discrimination against conventional people ie ‘squares’.
      Re the swim suits, I thought that they were called V-strings and now I find that they are called mankinis. Reminds me of the man who loved his keen knitter wife to excess to the extent that he even wore the knitted swim trunks that she made for him. Swimming was tricky and diving was a no-no!!

      • blackwatertown

        Truly that man was a saintly martyr.
        Truly his wife was (…just taking a quick straw poll of the expert – Top Girl – beside me…) weird!

    • blackwatertown

      Well, I call it “summer”, though it seems more and more of a misnomer.
      To misquote Shakespeare: “Now is the summer of our getting wet.”

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  9. rummuser

    What club do those gallants belong to? Can you get me a membership? I think that I am eminently qualified to be among them.

  10. A tiny little smile? I’m hysterical. Wonder what the wives think?
    Blessings – Maxi

  11. That one picture scared me down deep in my soul. I flip back and forth between optimism and pessimism. I think I’m more towards the pessimistic side, yet sometimes I try to be optimistic because I’m afraid if I expect the worst to happen, then it will.

    • blackwatertown

      Aha – a case of self-fulfilling pessimism.
      If only it worked as well with optimism. Actually I hope it does. (So it will.)

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