Premature gratification

Some people just cannot or will not wait.

I saw this Christmas shop window being installed this month.

So that’s Christmas, right? In JULY!

I do hope it does not end up looking like this…

That’s right. It would be awful it was suddenly transformed into a pie and eel shop. Because we clearly cannot have enough Christmas-in-July shops in London. High time we had some more. It’s already nearly August, people! The month after the month after that is October, and by then there’ll be almost no time left to spend money. So get cracking!

(Or, as it’s Christmas – nearly – get crackling! Geddit?)



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12 responses to “Premature gratification

  1. I don’t “do” Christmas but I know people who shop for prezzies in the January sales and store them till Christmas and are smug about it. All done. Like Santa olympics and they’re the winners.
    So shopping in July would be far too late for them.
    I don’t “get” any of this madness.

  2. Christmas shops in July are as tasteless as year round, out of season, forced vegetables.

  3. Surely it’s only a matter of perception? We are well past mid summer day, I am disappointed about the weather, maybe wrongly- the government may well say this is just normal, like it’s normal for government contracts to fail (e.g.Olympics security guards). It is apparantly becoming common to text more than speak to each other, so this could also become normal. On holiday in Africa, one Christmas, Father Christmas arrived at the hotel on a camel (and why not?). I’m gearing up for a week of sun bathing at Christmas, without meat pies and hot eels- maybe this will become normal.

    • 29

      It seems to be accepted that there is an epidemic of obesity. This confirms that it has spread from people to Christmas and even more so, to the Olympics which is now a monster ordering governments around and disrupting residents’ lives. It even has official acceptance the Olympics is sponsored by that arbiter of dietary advice, McDonalds….so OK I couldn’t believe it either when I first heard it,

    • blackwatertown

      Looking forward to a bit of sun sometime – hopefully I won’t have to wait till Christmas.

  4. Maybe it’s the display from last Christmas, and they thought they’d save the bother of dismantling it and then having to put it up again….

  5. rummuser

    BWT, That is to attract the unsuspecting who will come for the Olympics.

    • blackwatertown

      That’s what I’m thinking. And it could confuse foreign athletes into altering their training schedules. How cunning!

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