This is what it’s like when author rivalry gets nasty

Do you remember that awkward episode where I published an ebook called The Obituarist at the same time as somebody did? (In fact a little… er… after the other guy.)

I published some of our correspondence – and put up a link to him.

Well, Patrick O’Duffy in Australia, the gracious author of The other Obituarist (or is mine the other one?) has kindly told his readers about me. It’s here.

The problem is…

The annoying thing is…

The downright insulting thing is…

Well, just read what he said about me. (And imagine I’m turning away dramatically while thrusting a crumpled, tear-stained, torn-out page in your face.)

I like Paul; he’s charming and pleasant and he appears to be some kind of pirate DJ donkey from his blog avatar, which I cannot help but admire. So if you get a chance, go check out his Obituarist at Smashwords or Amazon; it’s a short tongue-in-cheek thriller packed with shaggy dog stories in the best British tradition. And honour obliges me to note that his book is 24 cents cheaper than mine (although mine is longer).

See what I mean? Yes! Exactly!

He called me a donkey, when anyone can see that it’s a horse manning horsing the desk my picture.*

This, dear readers, is the papercutthroat, sharp nibbed world of literary rivalry laid bare. Venture in at your peril.

(* Although I could be overreacting. At least donkey is on the right track. Unlike a certain someone who labelled me a kangaroo. Sheesh. No wonder we poor authors look so put upon.)



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22 responses to “This is what it’s like when author rivalry gets nasty

  1. writers crawl with sensitivity! smile;

  2. theoldfossil

    Paul, he didn’t say Jackass which is good. But come on, that is obviously a horse head, not donkey. This guy wouldn’t last long in the mob!

  3. Dear Roo, and there I was thinking not of a horse, not of a donkey, not of a camel, not of any likeness but that of dear Paul. Pitying your mother. Indeed pitying you having to face the mirror in the morning. Or any other time of the day.


  4. What is 24 cents between friends… In my book, just a cupple of words!

  5. 29

    Mature attitude all round. Both in the same lifeboat, better than squabbling on the Titanic.

    • blackwatertown

      I know that’s meant in a positive way – it’s just the, you know, the Titanic reference. Though at least we’re in a lifeboat.

  6. “Shaggy dog stories?” Now that raises my hackles more than being called a donkey. Surely it was meant as a compliment.
    Blessings – Maxi

  7. rummuser

    Good Lord man, what are you complaining about? He is an Aussie!

  8. I shouldn’t take his comments too seriously. He’s obviously just horsing around.

  9. I must confess… …I originally…thought donkey, too… (hangs head in shame)

  10. blackwatertown

    Now listen here to me for a minute Goosey…

  11. I really like this. Good one.

  12. Bwahahahah… should have read this first. He’s no Aussie, we’d have told you to get ….er nevermind

    • blackwatertown

      …to ge tmyself sitting down and crack open a cold one. You’re notoriously hospitable. No need to be modest about it.

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