The Obituarist goes international

Since that bust up in Australia, The Obituarist has now been reviewed in the USA by the writer Maxi Malone. Woohoo – it’s going international!

I can’t link directly to the review page, but here’s what she said:

When First We Deceive – The Obituarist by Paul A. Waters

Writing obituaries does not weave a trail to fame and fortune. Only this obit writer has found someone who will pave the road to front-page success.

His name is Bunty and he knows all the members of the TripleX mission; a small group noted for the infamous raid on occupied France. The brazen men trampled the Nazi long-range rocket schedule right in the face of Hitler.

Bunty knows all the back-stories—the secrets of Joker, Ginger, Radish and the others. And the obit writer knows how to get him to open up.

When Bunty and the writer decide to join forces, they head down the path to the pot at the end of the rainbow. Only which one will get the gold?

The Obituarist is a sizzling tale filled with humor, mystery and suspense. Bunty and the obit writer connect on every level until … human nature steps in and crashes the party.

The men become friendly enemies, intent to serve their own best interest. In the end “turn-about is fair play” wins the day.

Find out for yourself:

“Sizzling” – thanks Maxi.

A childhood memory comes to mind. Anybody else remember the scent of the Cookstown sizzle?

So, there you have it from Maxi. The Obituarist is officially worth downloading. Or even reviewing yourself perhaps? Huh?

You can find The Obituarist on Smashwords at or at  or even at



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19 responses to “The Obituarist goes international

  1. i put it on my FB page; i don’t have a Kindle, so will wait until i can get one and downloaded it; am totally happy for you – read some if it; liked the tone and pace; looks fun and intriguing

  2. Well done you! I remember the Cookstown sizzle, in fact I am about to sizzle some with bacon for brekkie…. Want a share??

  3. International recognition at last, congratulations! I enjoyed it as a really good read. Of course, Charles Dickens was hugely successful in America (and still is), so you are following a fine tradition, and I am sure that the great man would have had a good word to say for your work. When will we see your next work Paul?

  4. Congratulations on your work.

  5. You are welcome, HH. The Obituarist kept me reading, which is the main goal of a writer.

    Hopefully, other writers will take a look and decide to write a review.

    Every success to you, Paul, now and in the future.

    Blessings – Maxi

  6. Ooooh! International recognition! Congratulations 🙂 I’m waiting for the Kindle Fire to be released here, apparantly that will be autumn so not getting a Kindle till then. Soooo for now will have to be from Amazon to the laptop with the kindle appy thingy – sorry but it took me till I tried my paw at online purchasing for 1st time (scary! 1hr to get my order from Amazon out lol ) to realise I could d-load and read your”sizzling” book that way no kindle necessary 🙂 Yes…a little bit slow and a touch pathetic really I know 🙂 Very pleased for you and wishing you all the best with it!

  7. I’m so tardy, drop me a line and tell me what the Australian bust up was about. Congratulations. Is it available in hard cover?

  8. Superb!
    I’ve gotten through the 5 newest posts, and I’m lovin’ it! Really enjoying your blog.

  9. Well done Paul!! You deserve every success!

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