We have lift off…

Watch out for flying motorbikes, Bermondsey Street, London.

I’m taking off – not actually on a flying motorbike Evil Knievel style – but on a plane to Scotland.

(Yes, yes, I know, I’m personally responsible for killing the planet. At least I’m getting the train back.)

So I’ll be even less responsive than the poor performance lately.

But it’ll give me the opportunity to – read my kindle. Assuming it works. The first one didn’t. I’ll be taking the replacement.

It’s about time I had one, given that I’ve been urging you to download the ebook I’ve written – but could only read myself on my computer. Cheeky, huh? But I’ve now rectified the situation.

The “gripping” ebook is called The Obituarist by the way. You can download it for pc, mac. kobo, nook, device, tablet, etc here from Smashwords, or for kindle here from Amazon.co.uk or here from Amazon.com.

As for me, having read The Point in print, I’ll be catching up with Wee Rockets and other work by Gerard Brennan and Dickens.

The trip will also give me the opportunity to distribute some of the NEW and exciting business cards for The Obituarist that arrived today. I also ordered a few postcards too. So if you know anyone who might be swayed by a postcard entreating them to download an ebook, let me know. You can email me their address if you don’t want to put it in a comment – paulwaters99 AT hotmail.com

Just think of their delighted surprise and happy faces when a postcard featuring The Obituarist drops through their letterbox!

If you’re still wavering, here’s the latest review on Amazon from a reader called MisterEd.

I came across the book following a recommendation from a friend who’d already read it.

The style of the story reminded me of the mysterious short stories of Jeremy Dyson, as I enjoyed a plot which rapidly marched towards an impending conclusion that was still surprising.
The storyline still has time for a commentary on the status of current celebrity culture and changes in people’s views of war & soldiers.

The only drawback of the book: it wasn’t long enough!

Whoever you are MisterEd, you may tap me up for a pint should we ever meet. (Which I hope we do.)



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18 responses to “We have lift off…

  1. safe journey-never been to scotland or iireland!

  2. Hudson Howl

    Am off on a camping trip next week, I just might see if I can manage the download of The Obituarist (you can hyper link am to tired to code it). Image me at night, The dim light of the screen casting a faint glow in the tent. Your words in front of me and perhaps if the moon is right; off in the distance, in the dark forest – a pack of wolves howl. Oh, can’t forget Elvira ‘the Mistress of Darkness’ snoring beside me.

    If the second Kindle is a no go, think Sanyo reader for your third.

    Enjoy your time away. If you run across any of my relatives, good luck to ya.

    The graphic I use for Hudson Howl, was sniped and fudged from a photograph I purchased in a Antique Shop in Inverness. I and a women across from me were rummaging through old photo’s. “This gentleman looks like you”, she says. He did in a way. Oddly enough the photo was taken in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in the 1880’s.

    • blackwatertown

      Perhaps you were in Winnipeg in a previous life.
      Second kindle workiong fine so far.
      Let me know if any problems with downloading The Obituarist.

  3. Enjoy the adventure and never mind a stick of rock, it would be bad for my teeth. Bring back a picture of yourself in a kilt! Go on I dare ye!

  4. Hope you have fun on your trip, HH. Wish I was with ya on the train ride back; I love trains.

    Thrilled to read another review of “The Obituarist” – may they continue.
    Blessings – Maxi

  5. rummuser

    Have a grand time and if you get into trouble holler. My tentacles reach well into Scotland.

  6. Wow!! Been away for too long. Big-time congrats on the novel. I’m going to, of course download to my nook. Very much looking forward to reading it, and announcing on my blog. Best of luck, Paul, and have a safe trip. Very happy for you.

  7. Have fun on your trip 🙂 Watch out for those solar flare disrupting your flight though…we’re at Solar Maximum…might mess up the nav’ system but I’m sure you’ll be fine lol 😉 This maybe occurring now because you are “personally responsible killing the planet” 😀
    Paws crossed I should have the Amazon kindley thingy d-loaded to the laptop by the weekend and be busy reading your book 🙂 Happy flying!

    • blackwatertown

      Much appreciated.
      I had a few pints which had an impact on me possibly a bit like a solar flare. I felt their impact the next morning anyway.

  8. seanpatrickreardon

    Safe travels, and enjoy. I read The Obituarist yesterday. Very well done and I really enjoyed it. Big-time congrats and I’m very happy for you!

  9. An enormous thumbs up for this.

  10. Ryan Donovan

    Bon voyage mate! I think that you would find it interesting if you check the flare ignitors of the plane. The one that is responsible for the liftoff. You can tell if its well maintained, just check if it still looks new then its good to go. If not, try to ask a personnel about it. Better be safe than sorry.

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