Deadlines have never been a problem.

Well, except for that one time when I watched through a wire fence as a plane taxied away without me on it.

Though hopefully it was only that one time and I am currently in Scotland at a wedding, having caught a more recent plane this time. (If not, I’m in trouble.)

I’ve grown so used to deadlines – homework, exams, trains, planes, applications, broadcasts, entries… It’s not the deadlines that are troublesome, but the occasional absence of deadlines.

The knack is to ensure that longer term plans don’t get shoved aside by the constant elbow jogging, shirt pulling of short term deadlines.

At least this is one short term deadline I’ve already met – posting on this topic for the Loose Bloggers Consortium’s Friday update. You can find out which of them met the deadline by scrolling down to their links in the right hand column.

Meanwhile, a short play entitled Deadline for two characters – Deadline and Me.

Deadline: So, that’s it then. I’m leaving.

(Deadline opens the door and departs.)

Me: Bye then. Missing you already!



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18 responses to “Deadlines

  1. I always finished a week ahead of deadlines. Then partied leaving everyone else busy and cramming and sure of my dismissal for non performance.

  2. Enjoy the wedding and be careful to meet the deadline for the train home!

  3. seanpatrickreardon

    I don’t mind deadlines. Have a couple right now for 2 stories. It serves a motivator most times, but I find myself procrastinating sometimes. Enjoy the wedding!

  4. Wow! You made it!! Congratulations.

  5. I like the kind of deadlines that allow two hours for scratching one’s head, not knowing what to do next, making six cups of coffee and riffling through the Dictionary of Excuses for a plausible cop-out.

  6. 29

    In the world of evening classes some lecturers are excellent and rare, most are competent and the occasional one is neither. However, even with the latter kind one can sometimes find a nugget to treasure and the one that I found was, “Put something down on paper”, ie stage 1 of meeting your deadline.

  7. Hope you enjoy yourself, HH … aaand, meet the deadline to make it back home.
    Blessings – Maxi

  8. Great play – Deadline! lol 😉 Deadlines are good motivators but they do have a knack of not getting met and if they are usually only after the content to be completed by the deadline has taken over life to the exclusion of all else! Good exercise in self discipline but needless to say this Ice wolf usually fails miserably to achieve it!!

  9. I always get things done early. But, that didn’t help when a few times in school I finished a project weeks early and then didn’t bring it in the day it was due.

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