Olympics part 3 – Backsides, bottoms and bums

Before you get hot under the collar about all the pictures of backsides, bottoms and bums – not to mention the odd crotch – please keep in mind that this is an important feminist argument, relevant to sports fans, Olympic watchers, media workers and er… you.

Also, I stole it all from Nate Jones at www.metro.us. A lazy flicher, that’s me. But think of this larceny as homage to his piece (ooer madam).

It was so effective, I thought you deserved to see it all. And I mean all! (But don’t worry . It is safe to read the rest at the office. As long as you’re willing to risk outbreaks of female giggling, some loud whooping and a dip in productivity.)

What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball? (by Nate Jones)

We were browsing Getty Images last week for images of Olympic beach volleyball, when we came upon something interesting.  And by interesting, we mean, kind of gross.

Check out these results:

This got us thinking — What if all Olympic sports were photographed this way? We decided to find out.





Track and Field


Follow Nate Jones on Twitter at @kn8. He deserves it.



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25 responses to “Olympics part 3 – Backsides, bottoms and bums

  1. somehow with the girl, it seems more invasive a photograph – what’s happening on the security dilemma?

    • blackwatertown

      SOrry – been away. Interesting take on the pics.

      As for security dilemma – solution coming up on saturday I think. Nobody has got it so far.

  2. Have shared your blog on Fb..if you get hauled up, I am not responsible. If I get hauled up then YOU are responsible!!

  3. And A Photo Of Boris’s Bum?

    • blackwatertown

      In tiny shorts? Hmm.I’ll have to search for that.
      There’s bound to be one of him escaping out some woman’s window.

  4. 29

    Apparently,and I emphasize, apparently, the seemingly increasingly dictatorial grandiosity of some sporting bodies dictate that in the olympics the female competitors must wear brief bikini bottoms with, wait for it, a maximum side width. What gross exploitation! What regrettable grovelling from sovereign governments that they will submit to such dictation!

  5. rummuser

    You are likely to get hit with a bill from Getty Images!

  6. Swimmers and volley ball players need to make a decision; they want fans to focus on their athletic ability or … their bodies.
    Blessings – Maxi

    • blackwatertown

      Don’t think the volleyball players have a choice – if they want to be allowed to play. Though let’s bring Iran into the competition and see if the IOC backs down then.

  7. CW

    As much as i enjoy watching beach volleyball, I don’t know how the olympic bigwigs can justify having it as a separate sport from standard volleyball. By extension of that logic we should also have beach tennis, beach football or beach handball in the olympics. So plenty of scope there for sporting pornography…

  8. I find most of the Olympics kit curiously unsexy. Most of the wearers would look more attractive in a pair of pyjamas. Wouldn’t do much for their performance though….

    • blackwatertown

      How dare you cast aspersions on Jessica Ennis!
      “The Olympics Pyjama Games” – it does have a certain ring to it. So perhaps you’re on to something.

  9. LoL 🙂 Don’t know what all the fuss is about lol…Ancient Greek Olympians used to do it all stark naked!! Granted us women weren’t allowed to watch on pain of death (But pwoarrr! Just imagine all those tanned Greek Olympians legging it down the athletics track toned and buff all “in the niff!!” Ohhhh Wolf!!!) The only clothed event was the Chariot Racing…and it was the only event us women were allowed to watch….hmm, the media of today would have had fun with the Ancient Greek Olympics! Still! I think I can handle looking at certain ones of these photos quite happily 😉

    • blackwatertown

      That might slow them down – less grip on the feet, more drag on the body.
      And the heaviest class of weightlifters? I’ll not be watching anyway.

  10. I often wonder would we all become completely sexually desensitized if we all walked around with our arses gobbling our knickers?
    Something like a nudist colony…

    • blackwatertown

      “our arses gobbling our knickers” – what a good way of putting it. I must remember to steal that phrase. very apt.

  11. Can’t type – still laughing!

  12. Oh my, so many bottoms. Wisewebwoman’s comment is hilarious.

  13. You certainly come with tremendous posts.

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