Halloween – Should I stay or should I go now?

Scariest pumpkin I’ve seen. Not – I repeat NOT – at my house. If you’re visiting this blog from outside the British Isles, just google Jimmy Savile and BBC, or… I dunno… much loved national treasure, knight of the realm, papal knight – any of those – then you’ll understand.

Halloween – it’s tonight. But I have no children at home.

So – should I get the hell out of Dodge? Or sit waiting for the doorbell to ring? (The latter feels a bit lurkish.)

Last year I was thinking of three-headed dogs. Usually I’m out with the door knockers. Feels odd to be lying in wait. (See? Sounds dodgy, doesn’t it. And lying in wait with sweets sounds even worse.)

It’s time to lighten the mood, pep up the tone. A banana should do it, huh? A Halloween banana…

What have you dressed up as for Halloween? I was a Grim Reaper once – eerie but not really pushing any boundaries. Though I was a carrot one Christmas. I began as one of a bunch – but the others faded. It was a good night out in Dublin.

Anyway – time is passing – I’d better make plans. In case the little beggars start turning up early. (See below.)

What should I do? Got any suggestions?



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17 responses to “Halloween – Should I stay or should I go now?

  1. I dressed up as a werewolf 😉 Came very naturally to me 😀 I may try being ghoulish Pumpkin wolf this year 🙂

  2. There is no escaping that ghastly Savile’s cigar every time you open the paper. Considering that I could never stand the man and avoided him as best as possible this is torture for me. Not least because who wants to be continually reminded of his vileness? Then, naturally, as one does, I venture over to yours for a little respite, and what do I find? Admittedly, your take on him did extract a smile from me.


  3. How many do you want?
    Do you still have the horse head? NO?
    Well then off the top of my head…
    Yesterdays News – Use old newspapers
    A tramp
    Be a greeting card
    A Sweet heart wearing a large heart with cheap sweets in colourful wrappers tied with safety pins
    A witch
    Tube of Toothpaste
    Lego man
    A Bat
    A Pirate
    Road sign
    Sack of potatoes
    Sandwich board
    A book

    • blackwatertown

      No – the horse’s head is gone. But some pretty imaginative suggestions there. A sack of potatoes. An iPhone. Definitely something to work on in that list.

  4. Dressed the boys up tonight (the two eldest mostly did their own…yay!). Went to the bathroom and came out as zombie MUM. Wasn’t brilliant but they loved it. I love your lurkish paranoia. My kids would be safe on your doorstep I am sure. Jen xx

  5. I’ve never dressed up for Halloween. Mainly because when I was growing up the big thing was Guy Fawkes and not Halloween. But something involving lots of blood and bandages would be pretty scary, I think.

    • blackwatertown

      Or in the spirit of Guy fawkes, you could dress up as Miss Dynamite-tee-hee. It would mean some close fitting clothing and a skirt – but you can carry it off.

  6. should I get the hell out of Dodge?

    How would you know this expression being all the way over there ?

    • blackwatertown

      The power of cowboy films – ten gallon hats, cattle drives, big country, pony express, Arapahoe, Cheyenne, the stage leaves at seven – be under it.

  7. I just leave the outside lights out and hide inside until it’s over. I’m not giving little strangers candy. It’s just some plot to sneak into my house when I’m distracted and steal my toaster. They’ve been after my toaster for years. It can make a whopping two pieces of toast at once. But, they’re not tricking me. Not this duck.

    I haven’t dressed up much for Halloween. When I did, it was lame things. I was a bee once. I guess that could be pretty scary, but I wasn’t even a hornet or anything. Just a friendly bumbly bee. I don’t know why I bothered. I would like to dress as a very gnarly zombie sometime before Halloween and go get groceries and stuff, though.

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