Two pictures of discipline: Heads up, shoulders back, chests out, tongues in (that last order refers to the second picture).

On the right – RUC District Inspector Michael Murphy, escorting Princess Elizabeth in Belfast 1949.
(The story of Uncle Mike and the future Queen is here.)

And here’s another picture of discipline. Training will out.

Cat courage? Or dog self-discipline?











These pictures are for the Loose Bloggers Consortium Friday theme of discipline. Yes, I am in a bit of a rush. But the other  members will entertain you at a more leisurely pace. Just scroll down the right hand side of the screen and click on their links.



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10 responses to “Discipline

  1. That is amazing. I only wish my dog had that self restraint, or my cat that authority…

  2. I think self-discipline is more important than the sort of formal discipline you see in ranks of soldiers and hushed courtrooms. The self-discipline to behave responsibly and do what is right regardless of outside pressures.

  3. I’m with Nick on this one: Self-discipline to behave responsibly is what I consider important.

  4. Love it. Funny. As to your question: Cat clearly relied on her cute factor and her nine lives. Which means she can’t count since there are about thirteen Alsations. A few of them (judging by their body language) clearly tempted to be later reprimanded by the Sargent Major.


  5. Hudson Howl

    Second picture, just cruel.

  6. rummuser

    I can’t help comparing the Princess to the cat and the RUC to the GSDs!

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