A pair of brown eyes

Shane MacGowan and Cait O’Riordan

In days gone by, The Pogues never failed to cheer me up.

We go back a long time.

I remember sitting on top of a wardrobe in the Crescent in Belfast watching Shane MacGowan beat out a fast tempo with a biscuit tin lid on his bonce.

Or the time the UDR kind of pulled us over because the car was bouncing excessively to Sally MacLennane (er… that’s the song rather than any young lady who may share the name). It was odd, because we were stationary at the time. Perhaps it just seemed we were moving. Or they weren’t so keen on The Pogues.

Or the time I was rescued by Jim from a melee in the Ulster Hall. (Dunno why. It was all fine. Just a bit lively. No idea what he was worried about.)

Or the time in Dublin that “Country” Jem Finer accused me of chucking a television out their hotel window. It wasn’t me at all. (Though I’m not so sure about the fella I was with.)

Or the time I bumped into Cait O’Riordan coming out of the gents in the Olympia Theatre. (No, nothing like that. She was with Elvis Costello.) She sounded like this.

Or the time we sneaked into the Fleadh through a bar tent… Or the time… Or the time…

Or all the times The Pogues were a guaranteed remedy for melancholy.

So here they are. They have cheerier songs, but this was the best video I could find. Even with a song of death, regret and mutilation they still lift my spirits.

Anyone got a guaranteed spirit-reviving song they like to offer as an alternative? (And don’t suggest All Kinds of Everything by Dana – it won’t get through.)



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13 responses to “A pair of brown eyes

  1. Hudson Howl

    Far too many sons and daughters to chose one over another. But this is fun in a up lifting way at times but no sentimental attachment like the pogues.

  2. 29

    What do you mean by spirit-reviving? My thoughts, for:
    Nostalgia…The Fields of Athenry,
    Spirituality…The hymn How Great Thou Art,
    Just an all round sense of goodness…All Kinds of Everything.
    However, I do like the Pogues (apart perhaps from part of Shane’s facial aesthetics), they have that rough, earthy vocal sound like Johnny Cash or the Dubliners.

  3. Oona

    Oops, something went wrong (although I do love that and had been listening to it)

    No cars go (as well as many others) by Arcade Fire:
    (not sure why the video doesnt appear…ipad issue?)


  4. Love this song! Butvimmust admit I’d rather listen to it than see Shane singing it. I know it’s superficial, but honestly! Those teeth are desperate altogether!

  5. I don’t think there’s any guaranteed spirit-reviving song. It all depends on personal taste and what fires you up. And exactly what sort of mood you’re in. Sheryl Crow’s album Tuesday Night Music Club has some great songs which always give me a lift.

  6. My spirit-reviving songs change from day to day or season to season.

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