Scamming the bankers – payback time

Ever been ripped off by a bank? Then you’ll like this. (And if you’re an Irish, British or American tax payer, you definitely have been ripped off somewhere along the line.) So click play – and enjoy…

The clip is from The Revolution Will Be Televised, a clever TV show.

As for the bankers – They don’t like it up ’em! – as the just departed Clive Dunn used to say as Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army. Who do you think you are kidding? Of course I still watch Dad’s Army.

Clive Dunn – Lance Corporal Jones – Dad’s Army

I should declare an interest. I was once a banker myself. Just a cashier. One customer sticks in my mind – Irish comedian Frank Carson.

He swept in to the bank, a tumbleweed of bonhomie, up to the cashier next to me – who was pregnant.

“When’s the happy day love?” asked Frank.

“Oh Frank,” said she, all demure. “That was months ago.”

He paused. Puzzled. Got it. Scowled. Did his business. Left. Bit like the bankers. Didn’t like it up him.


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13 responses to “Scamming the bankers – payback time

  1. Póló

    Love the Frank Carson story.

    Nearly worked in a bank myself but when I reached Jersey (CI) the man in Barclay’s who had promised me the summer job said there wasn’t one any longer. I told him I had travelled to Jersey from Dublin to take up the job and he’d better do something about it. He got me a job at the public counter in British Railways in St. Helier. But that’s another story entirely.

  2. As a customer I would have been arrested aggravated assault and battery . Again.

    • blackwatertown

      I was waiting for someone to uproot the umbrella and unleash chaos.

      Which reminds me of a funny misunderstanding in a film. During Gladiator starring Russell Crowe, Russell’s character tells his soldiers before a battle with forest-dwelling Germans: “At my command, unleash Hell.”
      Top boy sitting beside me watching the TV asks: “Is Hell his dog?”
      And right enough, there was an Alsatian bounding along beside Russell on screen.
      (Happy memories.)

  3. Unfortunately there’ll never be a payback time. The bankers always look after themselves, with the help of obliging government ministers. I’ll know I’m hallucinating when a banker tells me he’s got too much money and would I like some of it?

    • blackwatertown

      I wonder how thaty excuse would work for a bank robber up in court: “But your honour, I was hallucinating at the time that the bank was offering the money to me to ease a guilty conscience.”

  4. We take it upside down and sideways from the wanker bankers who are never ever brought to an ethical awareness (or prison) for their crimes. Collusion? Right in front of our helpless eyes and wallets.

  5. I wonder if Frank ever used that story in his routine?

  6. I think I went by the scenic route Twice! 😦

  7. 29

    Just how did that coffee vendor stop himself from laughing? I couldn’t have.

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