Life isn’t all Ha Ha Hee Hee – but the pleasures are so many and multifarious that it’s difficult to settle on just one for the Loose Bloggers Consortium.

So these are some people I encountered a few days ago – what a pleasure to share them with you.

They’re Adam Beattie and the Consultants – and this is a beautiful song called “A song of one hundred years”

He’s from Scotland. They play in the Gladstone pub off Borough High Street in south London every now and then. They’re sensitive, intelligent and great. The pub is good too. I was there with a bunch of arty people I met on the radio here (hint hint – clip of me on the radio).

They played this song too – “All I Know” – with Brooke Sharkey singing and playing double bass.  And two guys I don’t know – who were also ace.

What a pleasure to experience such great music, being made feet away from me, by people of whom I had never heard, in a place I’d never known existed before.

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10 responses to “Pleasure

  1. Life would be boring if it was all Ha Ha Hee Hee.

  2. 29

    Your remark ‘What a pleasure….etc, a very good definition of serendipity.
    Re ‘A Song for 100 Years’, what a joy for that son to write and to perform that tribute for his father and for his family to have had it written.
    What wisdom and spirituality encompassed in the line, ‘it’s time for me to go.’

  3. One of life’s little pleasures … listening to you on the radio, HH.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  4. Wonderful song, life’s little pleasures are the best.

  5. As I said elsewhere, I think the greatest pleasure has to be funny and stimulating company. That beats just about anything else. Even ice cream.

  6. rummuser

    Wow! You can blush!!

    Nice songs BWT. Gave me great pleasure to listen to them. Thanks.

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