Beautiful snoring

Beautiful snoring – it’s not an oxymoron.

Think of the gentle lowing of cows at pasture. Or the regular faint sighing of a sleeping baby.

Or a hummingbird perched – snoozing and wheezing – like this cute little fella…

One, two, three…. Aaaaaa.

The background hum is apparently a lab machine, not the bird. It’s a female Amethyst-throated Sunangel. (I copied that bit. Personally? I can confirm it’s a bird.)

A more scientific explanation can be found here.

Thank you to top cuteness spotter in Canada for sending me the link from As It Happens on CBC Radio.



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17 responses to “Beautiful snoring

  1. Who knew?!

    And by the way, my Standard Poodle, Lexi, went berserk when I played the YouTube video. Again I exclaim, who knew?!

  2. Awwwwww! Tooooo cute 😉 I want one!! lol 😉

    • blackwatertown

      Oh I dunno. Given your status as a wolf – look what happened to Laurie’s poodle Lexi.

      • Please!! lol…comparing the Alpha Female of the Europa Pack to a POODLE!! I’m sure Lexi is wonderful…but she is NOT a wolf 😀 There is no comparison between a Poodle and a wolf! Huh 😉 Anyway…the Humming Bird is very endearing and appeals to my protective side 🙂 So stick that in ya pipe and smoke it! lol 😉

  3. I’ll take your word for it since I have never seen or heard a humming bird in real life.

  4. What the… who woulda thunk it.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  5. 29

    Has s/he got a manager? X factor here we come!

    • blackwatertown

      You’re nowhere near as cute as a sleepy hummingbird.
      (When it comes to snoring that is. In every other respect you’re far far cuter of course.)

  6. The trouble with snoring is that sometimes it sounds quite malevolent.

  7. Val

    In general I don’t care for so-called experiments to find out what makes animals other than us, tick. I find it intrusive and unnatural. That bird should be in the open not in a lab (and what’s it in, a blender bowl?) That said – I think the sound is very like what blackbirds emit when they’re stressed.

    • blackwatertown

      Fair point. I wonder what possible scientific benefit there could be from studying a hummingbird snoring. But maybe… maybe it flew into the lab and was lulled to sleep by the hum of electronic equipment and the scientists happened to find it and were entranced and thought how adorable and took off their glasses and said “Oh Dr Fiona (a girl in my glass who wore a white coat, odd i know, but clever and still nice) you’re beautiful…” and it wasn’t really an experiment at all just a happy memorable moment…
      Take a breath.
      And… hold on a moment. Have you been stressing blackbirds?

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