Hard rain coming

Nepal – Steve McCurry

It’s one of the most comforting sounds. Rain lashing against the windows, hammering the roof, relentless. As long as you’re inside.

(Not including inside a caravan. Then the choice is go outside and be soaked or stay inside and be deafened.)

So right now it’s stair rods outside. And I thank my good fortune that I’m in. Especially given how I feel about umbrellas. But it’s the big hike weekend shortly.

Top Boy is preparing to tramp over fields and through forests and rivers old and newly created. He and his mates have a tent to pitch in some sopping bog.

It’s shaping up to be one of those formative experiences that helps young people develop trench foot, pneumonia, hypothermia – oh, and character. So that’s alright.

Bon voyage mes braves. N’oubliez pas votre tubas.

Java – Steve McCurry. This photo and the other one are from the blog of the excellent Steve McCurry. I urge you to check out his exquisite views of the world.

This has been a post on the subject of rains for the Loose Bloggers Consortium (every friday folks). You can find out whether it’s raining men, teardops or bomblets for the other members by scrolling down the right hand side of your screen and clicking on their links.



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23 responses to “Hard rain coming

  1. It rains plenty here and you will be able to read all about it when my effort goes live later today. Stay dry my friend and I’m hoping it doesn’t rain stair rods down on Top Boy and friends during his adventure.

  2. Aah, the sound of rain. It can bring a feeling of comfort or other emotions; it depends on one’s experience. Took a peek at the umbrella post, that umbrella belongs on a patio over a table.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  3. Val

    I don’t mind rain at all, providing I’m not out in it! 😉

  4. 29

    Do not agree about caravans, it can be delightful, the constant drumrolls on the caravan roof and one cosy inside, especially if near the sea and the waves are crashing in on the rocks.

    • blackwatertown

      So basically you’re saying, the alarmingly violent crashing and smashing of an incipient tsunami is comforting to the extent it drowns out the constant, incessant, relentless, please make it stop, sorry, what was that, i couldn’t hear you over the monsoon machine gunning on the roof of the caravan.
      At times like that Scrabble comes into its own.

  5. You’ve been to our caravan have you? I like to think of that as character building too 🙂

  6. helps young people develop trench foot, pneumonia, hypothermia – oh, and character
    Nicely said Paul. I love the sound and feel of rain – unlkess it’s the icy cold variety – then just the sound as long as I am safely ensconced in a warm room with a good book with music playing in the background.

    • blackwatertown

      Outside – thunderstorm armageddon.
      Inside – varnished wood, plump cushions, warmth, Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis and the latest Andrea Camilleri = happiness.

  7. It’s been raining so often recently the back lawn looks like a paddy field. Perhaps I should try growing some rice.

  8. I’ve always liked rain, and I don’t mind being out in it as long as I’m not holding anything that can’t get wet. For a bit, I always seemed to be in possession of a flash drive while it was raining. Not to worry; it survived. What I don’t understand about humans is they like showers and baths and swimming, but not being out in the rain. Us ducks will never understand you guys.

  9. Camping under a canvass tent in the rain is a rite of passage that must be made compulsory for every youngster. It is like no other experience to share misery in good company.

    • blackwatertown

      Yes it can be miserable. I hope they’re encamped, securely planted, secure and dry now that it’s dark and wet out. Though they won’t be under canvas – new lighter fibres. (Though they still do use bigger canvas tents sometimes.)

  10. Nigel

    A spy for this august site observed you in fine form this evening carrying a barrel of beer. You were dry and warm inside- how did the young master fare in the deluge outside of this weekend?

    • blackwatertown

      He was fine. Zipped around quickly. One of the party dropped out overnight. Cold got to him. Overall they did well. May have won.
      But never him and the appalling weather – the true wetness happened to me. The tap came loose on that barrel of beer while it was in the boot (trunk) of my car. The car now smells quite strongly of beer. Oh dear.

  11. I’ve always loved rainy days. Rainy scenery, rainy sounds, rainy atmosphere, umbrellas and everything! Those pictures make me feel like rainy day. I can imagine rainy sounds in those pictures. Oh, I want to be at home right now with rainy window in front of me. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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