The dream isn’t everything…

You got a dream? Well dreams cost...

You got a dream? Well dreams cost… But more importantly, scroll down for a very cute clip below.

Sure, I have dreams. Since you ask, Maria. And I work on making them happen. (Not as much as I should or could, but still…)

But what if your dream requires such singled-minded determination as to leave no room for anything else? Is that dedication? Just what it takes?

Debbie Allen as Lydia Grant laid out the deal thus: You’ve got big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying … in sweat.

Fair enough. But I hope – I believe – that you can get to walk the dog and still splash in the puddles. (That’s why this clip is here, but you have to click on the quote to see Fame.)

I hope I’m right. This is a post for the Loose Bloggers Consortium. You can delve into the dreams of the other members by scrolling down the right hand side of the screen and clicking on their links. Feel free to share your own dream here in the comments section. Or will it be a nightmare?



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19 responses to “The dream isn’t everything…

  1. Póló

    Fabulous series, beautiful lady and a very understanding dog.

  2. Hi,
    Loved the video, how good was that dog, just stood and waited patiently. 😀

  3. Hudson Howl

    you lost me for a tad, then the dog and toddler pulled me back -dream simple be happy -one needs time to puddle jump.

  4. Yes, from now on, instead of stopping to smell the flowers, I shall wallow around in puddles of water! I shall hold you responsible if I slip and fall and crack my already replaced and revised shock absorbers.

  5. Love the toddler in the puddle. No matter the dream we need to take time to be like children, enjoy the moment.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  6. 29

    A new type of guide dog, really lovely. I have seen that sort of child experimentation on occasions and it is equally lovely to watch, stamping through the puddles; forget all about the wet shoes and socks needing to be changed.

  7. What a lovely post. I do so agree!

  8. I’m a puddle stamper and love to see the world through the eyes of a child.

  9. Not much of a dreamer myself but I firmly believe one must splash one’s share of puddles along the highway of life.

  10. We adults need to learn to stop and do the things we enjoy. What a patient dog! 🙂

  11. blackwatertown

    I’m glad to find myself in the company of so many puddle stampers.

  12. I was very afraid he might piddle in the puddle. That’s what happens to me. I make an effort at fun then botch it in a descent into ridiculousness and giggles.

  13. Hey there – was that really fun on the part of the child? It seemed determined “fun.”

  14. Val

    “All I wanted was to come out for a walk and I had to drag that kid along. Then I go and pee in the road and that kid jumps in and out of the pee puddle. I ask you.”

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