Self improvement: Where teachers fear to tread…

Self improvement? Moi? Ce n’est pas possible!*

But if you really think that I do have some slight scope for enhancement (and please, no spam emails about, er, that kind of enhancement) then I’d better start watching more short clips like this one.

It’s one of the many enlightening, inspirational and entertaining TED talks. This one is about how to improve teaching in places that good teachers don’t want to go – or in ways that teachers cannot do themselves. The speaker is Indian educationalist Sugata Mitra. It’s his “hole in the wall” experiment.

What do you think? Can teachers be replaced so easily?

Futurist Arthur C Clarke is reported to have said: “A teacher who can be replaced by a machine, should be.”

If you have any teaching experience, does the impact of this experiment ring true to you?

This self-improvement idea came in a roundabout way from Helen and Adventures of an Unfit Mother. She’s funny. You should read her stuff.  (This made me laugh.) That’s another self-improvement recommendation.

*Though clearly my time-keeping could be improved. I should have posted this last Friday along with the other members of the Loose Bloggers Consortium. You can find out whether they feel they have room for improvement by scrolling down the right hand side of your screen and clicking on their links.



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7 responses to “Self improvement: Where teachers fear to tread…

  1. 29

    Modesty becomes you and I should know, I am superlatively modest myself.
    This ‘hole in the wall’ could become the ‘whole in the wall’, it really looks very exciting with great potential.

  2. Wendl Stockton

    This is very touching. Thanks for posting it.

  3. One swallow does not make a summer but such initiatives do at least something in an otherwise depressing scenario. There are more formal approaches like this one who approach in a more formal way but we have a long way to go in India despite having passed an act to make education a fundamental right.

  4. There were wonderful teachers who taught me to read and write. I love my desktop but … it can never replace the warm and caring people who gave me an education.

    Hope all is well with you, Paul. Enjoyed this post.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  5. I think what kids need is people who can inspire them, nurture whatever talents and abilities they have, teach them to think for themselves and give them ample self-confidence. Those people might be teachers but might equally well be parents, relatives, friends or significant others.

  6. Thank you for posting this. A great reminder. 🙂 I am actually homeschooling my 7-year old son these days and so far, it has been an amazing journey for both of us.

    • blackwatertown

      Thanks very much for dropping by and commenting.
      I am interested in why you are home schooling your son and how it is working. Would you like to write a guest post about it sometime?

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