Can you meet this dark challenge? (Prize for the one who does.)

Ooky spooky Halloween time competition. Can you guess what this creepy film is?

Can you guess what it is?

Can you guess what it is?

There’s a prize for the one who best gets it. (Probably a book. I’ve got loads of them. I’ll give you a selection to choose from. It’ll be a good one. Not written by me.) So whether you’re in Zambia, Tajikistan, Bhutan or Greenland – get closest and there’ll be something lovely in the post to you.

And to treat you further, in honour of the Loose Bloggers Consortium‘s exhortation to provide you with something on the theme of into the night, I offer the following.

1. When Top Girl was learning about nocturnal animals in primary (elementary) school, her teacher asked: “Can anyone tell me what a nocturnal creature is?” Top Girl’s friend immediately raised her hand. “Yes Tilly,” said the teacher. “Top Girl’s daddy is a nocturnal creature.” They agreed this was true. Which was just another way of saying that I worked nights. But not anymore.

2. It ain’t over till it’s over. Always watch BBC Newsnight to the final credits.

Newsnight’s getting better again, isn’t it?

2. And when it really is over. Go down fighting…

So – have you got it? The film. Go on, watch it again. Then leave your guess in the comments.

You’ll find the rest of the Loose Bloggers Consortium here – Ramana, Delirious, gaelikaa, Grannymar, MaxiPadmumShackman and The Old Fossil . But guess before you go there.



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22 responses to “Can you meet this dark challenge? (Prize for the one who does.)

  1. To me it looks like cells replicating. That’s my guess. But something about it reminds me of “Vertigo”. 😀

  2. Bacteria seen under a microscope.

  3. Póló

    Kaleidoscope (1966) ?

    These were my Halloween contributions to the horrors:
    Rath ar an obair.

  4. Top Girl’s friend was on the button! Welcome to the daylight hours.

    My hundred to one suggestion is: Into the Night (1985) comedy-thriller directed by John Landis.

  5. I dunno … but I’m hypnotized.
    blessings ~ maxi

  6. It’s Lindsay Anderson’s brilliant satire about a school populated by low-resolution animations, Gif….

  7. Giant tape measure disappearing into a black hole?!! 😀

  8. A frog being pulsed in a blender in black and whote

    • blackwatertown

      Would I ever published an amphibian snuff movie? Shackman, I cut to the quick that you would think that of me.

      Just like the frog.

      But no – not a frog.

  9. Is it a longitudinal CT/MRI scan of the stem of a plant? Perhaps.
    As it’s hallowe’en time, maybe a pumpkin plant?

  10. Póló

    The Black Hole (1979) ?

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