Brenda FassieI never daydream. I don’t have time. Maybe sad. But true.

But since you* asked, I had a go today. A driving daydream that transformed my twisting route through the dark wet leaf-strewn lanes of England into a roar across the big bright dry spaces between Bethlehem** and the Free State border. The soft relentless rhythm of Vuli Ndlela by Brenda Fassie (right) helped transport me. My smile grew to fill the imagined landscape.

But why dwell on daydreams when I can see a crazy impossible becoming reality every day this month – and hopefully the next. I’ve told you before about my wee friend Fynnjan, who has Aspergers and is trying to get the song he wrote to Christmas number one, to raise funds for autism support. Well, he now has a proper music video. (Please share it.)

From being written off as a no-hoper, bookies are now offering odds on Fynnjan succeeding of 16 to 1. We’ll have to wait and see. Though if you want to nudge him forward, you can pre-order the song (in two versions – so you can do it twice) from iTunes here

And his redesigned website with more information is here

The issue of Fynnjan’s unusual name has been raised – or more specifically, its spelling. It’s unique (I think) and distinctive – which is great. It means the best url was available. But people tend to spell Fynnjan incorrectly when searching for him online – finjan, finyan, finnian, etc – which means they don’t find him.

What should be done? Change his name to Bob? Change the spelling? Suggestions please – and stories of name confusion of difficulties. Especially if you have a difficult name yourself, like Sinead, Niamh or Aoife. (Actually they’re all perfectly straightforward. If you’re Irish.)

* You = the Loose Bloggers Consortium – click on their names to reveal their daydreams: RamanagaelikaaMaxiPadmumShackman and The Old Fossil

** Bethlehem, South Africa.

PS: Next post = the answer to the Dark Challenge competition.



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23 responses to “Daydreams

  1. Hudson Howl

    Did you really mean for suggestions, if so here is common sense do’ s and don’t:

    Tags and meta’s don’t work like they once did, as major search engines don’t index tags and meta’ they once had.

  2. 29

    A delightful contender for the Christmas top record, I wish it well.
    With regard to day-dreaming; not having time for too much is good but I am sure that some of the girls and boys in the back-up choir in the video will perhaps day dream a little of further achievements in the world of entertainment. Also, could a little day-dreaming be the first step in achievement of the dream in sport, academic success or artistic endeavour.

    • blackwatertown

      A lot of those boys and girls are imaginers and doers not dreamers – i.e have an idea, then try to do it. I find it impressive.

  3. Listened to Fynnjan on BBC Radio 4 this morning, He is a fine young man who will go places!

  4. Will do my bit BWT. But you are too young to give up altogether on daydreaming.

  5. Beautiful – posted the video to Facebook!

  6. A talented kid – in a very corrupt industry, He deserves success and thanks for the exposure to him.

    • blackwatertown

      He is and he does. He’s working hard to win attention that he actually doesn’t enjoy – but is doing it for the cause.

  7. Hi Paul

    One of the things I love is to see the impossible becoming possible. That’s a daydream come true.

  8. Beautiful video…reblogged this post on Icewolves of Europa and will share vid on my other sites – I have enough on the go to give it plenty of coverage 🙂 Go Fynnjan!!! 😀

    • blackwatertown

      You rock.
      Thank you.
      It is beginning to take off – another online retailer has begun to stock it – HMV.
      Big round of local radio interviews tomorrow morning.

  9. You should day dream more often! You do it so well!! Cheers to you~

    • blackwatertown

      Thank you. And welcome by.
      I suspect you were directed here by Wolfie.
      Maybe I should give more vent to the daydreaming.

  10. Wolfie’s mom led me to you! You rock!

  11. May Fynnjan never give up … he has spirit and talent.
    blessings ~ maxi

    • blackwatertown

      He’s growing into it this time – getting stronger, clearer and more confident. I hope it carries him on to more achievement.

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