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The Day I Met… Gerry Adams

He's the one in specs, paramilitary beret, no beard - an ice cream would just look silly.

(Fanfare.) It gives me great pleasure to present the next entry in the The Day I Met… competition. Here’s a taster:

I rushed through to the front to see two more extremely large “boys” wearing trench coats in a heat wave stood at the front with a third man. In trying to evacuate the premises, I nearly evacuated something else. The three at the front were close together. A shotgun with some fine buckshot might take all three out and then a run like buggery down the fields across the stream and don’t stop until I hit Larne and the boat to the mainland. It is amazing what goes through your mind when you believe you are about to be kidnapped!

The story continues below. This entry comes from… Actually I can’t tell you his name. (At least I think it’s a him.) Because he is keeping his true identity a secret. He writes about dodgy goings on in the police and the criminal justice system under the pseudynom Noble Cause Corruption. He’s a serving police officer in the UK, so Continue reading


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The Day I Met… Telly Savalas

(Drum roll.) I’m proud to present the first entry in the The Day I Met… competition.

This story comes from Speaking From The Heart– aka holessence – that’s her bloggie identity. She’s also known as Laurie Buchanan and she’s a holistic health practitioner – healer, writer, and motivational speaker – in Illinois, USA.

But what about Telly? Here’s Laurie’s story: The Day I Met Telly Savalas.

My sister and I grew up in southern California. When we were 11 and 10 respectively, my mother thought it would be great fun to take us to Hollywood to drive around to see if we could spot any movie stars. We had a little Corvair (yes, the car that was voted one of the “50 worst cars of all time,” and later pulled off the market), and drove around with high hopes, peering into faces of the passersby.

Out of the blue comes a Rolls Royce with you’ll never guess who driving! Telly Savalas—television’s “Kojak!” And yes, he had the stick-part of a lollipop protruding from his mouth.

We screamed in delight as mom maneuvered our vehicle behind his and we followed in hot pursuit. When we reached his mansion and he drove through the wrought-iron gates that had magically opened for his car, mom continued driving past but was now whispering, “We’ll drive around the block and find a spot to park.”

“But mom, he’s got a solid, six-foot brick wall around his house!”

“Oh, that’ll be no problem,” she assured us. Continue reading


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The day I met… Frederick “Day of the Jackal” Forsyth

Just imagine, you finally get to meet your idol, only for it all to go terribly badly wrong?

Perhaps they disappoint you and disillusion sets in? Perhaps you throw up in their cumberbund? Or perhaps – like me – you manage to make an awful first impression.

I’ve received some great entries for this blog’s The Day I Met… competition. Some funny. Some poignant. All you need to do is email me your story – doesn’t have to be long – and I’ll publish it on this blog – a new one each Wednesday as long as it lasts. The competition details are here. But really, it’s as simple as emailing me at paulwaters99 @ (just remove the spaces in that email address). If it’s a funny story – all the better. And you’ll get a prize – the book of your choice from the list I’ll send you. But never mind that – just think of the prestige. Aaah.

Anyway – I need more entries – so please email.

And – just like junior army officers leading the charge on World War One trenches – I wouldn’t ask you to do something I wasn’t willing to do myself. So I’ll kick off with…

The Day I Met… Frederick Forsyth. 

This was not how I had imagined things would go. Since internationally famous best-selling writer Frederick Forsyth popped up on the local scene, I’ve been secretly nurturing the hope that we’d have a chance meeting – over a pint in the local perhaps, followed by a quiet chat and erudite conversation about commonly held interests – the BBC, Africa, writing and local goings on.

Millinery maestro (huh!) Frederick Forsyth

Who knows where it might lead? Not to the disastrous encounter of the other day Continue reading


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