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The Day I Met… Met HER

Welcome to the latest episode of the The Day I Met… contest. Bit different this Wednesday. We’ve had a world leader, a film star, a singer, a celebrity beardster, a best selling writer, military top brass – and now someone very well known in certain circles.

This encounter comes from Helen. I can’t link to her because she doesn’t have a blog. (I know. Me too. I thought everyone had a blog. Perhaps those rumours about life existing offline are actually true.)

She emailed in her story with this caveat: 

So, it is not exactly within the guidelines of your competition, but it was the nearest to a celebrity moment that i could imagine myself writing about.

Good enough for me. So here’s Helen’s story about…

The Day I Met… Met HER. And she came home with me! Continue reading



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I burnt my mouth on a roast potato (but the memory lingers longer)…

No, that's not me. What? You seriously think I got someone to photograph my burning mouth? I couldn't talk. Only smile and nod. (Pic from 4tnz.com)

Let’s check. Tongue up to investigate. Strangely smooth skin above my teeth. Yup, still tender.

I burnt my mouth on a roast potato after my Granny’s funeral. Continue reading


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Granny in Monet’s Garden

My Granny died this morning. Clare McGuinness née Ivory. It seems like the right thing to do to share this picture of her. We call this picture Granny in Monet’s Garden. Perhaps because of her floppy hat, the water and the sunny peacefulness. (You may know a children’s book called Linea in Monet’s Garden.) The picture was taken by my mother in the garden of my godmother.

What to say? She lived a long life. She achieved a lot. She was the mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to many. I’m looking forward to seeing them soon.

I am her eldest grandchild. She was always lovely to me. And to my friends and then to my own children. Caring and tolerant. And the fount of so many stories, which she told so well. I’m glad that mine was one of the many lives enriched by hers.


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