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Don’t you go getting any ideas now, d’ye hear?

I never sampled this one. Should I? Can anyone speak from experience on this brew? Or do you have... wait for for it... wait for it... no eye deer.

“Don’t you go getting any ideas now, d’ye hear?” Who said that to me? Teachers, girlfriends, police officers…. Er… my mind has suddenly gone conveniently blank.

But I can’t help it. Something will occur and I’ll seem to drift off for a moment. Here’s what happened earlier:

Scene – at the bar. A neighbour (by which I mean a fellow villager, not the fellas on either side of my house) leaves his lively table and arrives beside me at the bar to pay his tab. He looks at the printed out bill.

Neighbour: (Quietly) “How much is that? I can’t read it.”

Barman: “£34.35.”

Neighbour: (loudly) “Is it? Right…” (digs out his cash card)

Another drinker from my neighbour’s table: (shouting) “How much is it?”

Neighbour: “£200. And I only came in for a half.”

Laughter from the table. The barman puts the PIN machine on the bar top and my neighbour slots in his card. And then pauses.

Neighbour: (to barman) “I can’t see the numbers. You’ll have to put them in.”

Bar landlord: “Don’t worry, he knows the PIN numbers of half the people in the village.” Continue reading



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Originality is concealing your source

Giving you the finger. More like these at J@V@JuNKiE.

Originality is concealing your source. Something I learned today at  Sendlabs. But who can get away with that these days? (By the way, the link is to serious online marketing discussions, so you might just want to skip ahead to the next GENIUS idea…)

Which is why I will now reveal the source of all three part ideas, stories and TV and radio shows. Introducing… The Brainstormer. Try it out next time you’re stuck.

For instance: madness, industrial, ballroom. Still not convinced? Genius, demolished, pier. All winners.

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