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What Woody reads

Looking for inspiration? Read what Woody Allen reads.

Or watch the pendulums. Your choice. Continue reading



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Originality is concealing your source

Giving you the finger. More like these at J@V@JuNKiE.

Originality is concealing your source. Something I learned today at  Sendlabs. But who can get away with that these days? (By the way, the link is to serious online marketing discussions, so you might just want to skip ahead to the next GENIUS idea…)

Which is why I will now reveal the source of all three part ideas, stories and TV and radio shows. Introducing… The Brainstormer. Try it out next time you’re stuck.

For instance: madness, industrial, ballroom. Still not convinced? Genius, demolished, pier. All winners.

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Blog inspiration

There are loads of good blogs out there. But these are a few I check in with pretty much every day.

Slugger O’Toole for (Northern) Irish politics. Mick Fealty is the main man behind it.

Cultural Snow by the prolific Tim Footman.  He’s just brought out a book summing up the past decade, The Noughties. He’s got another about Leonard Cohen coming out in October 2009 I think.

The Little Pinch of Salt is the up and down, here and there life and love of Annie.

In his blog Why That’s Delightful!, Graham Linehan waxes alternately whimsical and wrathful at the ways of the world. You never know when he’ll suddenly spark off a popular uprising – on the Scottish media and Dunblane survivors for instance, or his twitter campaign on the political football that the NHS has become in the United States. (You’ll remember Graham from Father Ted. Ah you will, you will, you will… Sorry.)

And Strange Maps is a by turns gentle and incisive exploration of the geography of the world and the mind, via unusual maps.

To all the above. Thanks for the inspiration. All eejitry here is, of course, my own fault.

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