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Pinch Punch

I'm not asking Spock round for New Year ever again. I still can't feel my drinking arm.

Ouch and double ouch. I was expecting Auld Lang Syne. Or a communal glass raising. Cheers or embraces.

Instead the assembled mob in the living room counted down to zero and instantly began to seethe in a frenzy of squirming activity and mutterings – which I realised too late to defend myself was “Pinch, punch, first of the month.”

And that’s why you should never let children stay up to midnight on New Year’s Eve – least of all a pincer-fingered horde Continue reading



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Thank you Culture Northern Ireland

Thank you Culture Northern Ireland for giving me a £100 Amazon voucher (for winning a writing competition completing a survey). And thank you Gerry Anderson and politician Gregory Campbell for helping me spend it. Well, to be more precise – they had a row. But Continue reading


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