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Just say no…

I’m being leant on to write about a particular topic at the moment. But I’m doing my best to resist.

As everyone’s favourite agony aunt Nancy Reagan said: “Just say no.”

If only I’d taken her advice that first time I tried something new, life might be quite different.

Worse. But different.

Angling festival, Hastings Pier, 1948

Back then there were different worries – like the pier pressure of trying to land a big one at the seaside with everyone watching.

No one wants to be seen by all and sundry brandishing a tiddler, do they?

After all, you know what anglers are like. They’re always bragging about how theirs was THIS BIG Continue reading



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A tune and a wee cup of tea

Tea first, then scroll down to mellow music

Too much pressure? Too much fussin’ and fighting? Time for a mellow tune and a wee cup of tea – just where you wouldn’t expect it.

Here’s the challenge Continue reading


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Missing Words

Sometimes losing letters works well.

I’ve had some big downs and big ups over the past few days, and one intriguing piece of literary gossip.

1. Some fool Continue reading


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