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Pinch Punch

I'm not asking Spock round for New Year ever again. I still can't feel my drinking arm.

Ouch and double ouch. I was expecting Auld Lang Syne. Or a communal glass raising. Cheers or embraces.

Instead the assembled mob in the living room counted down to zero and instantly began to seethe in a frenzy of squirming activity and mutterings – which I realised too late to defend myself was “Pinch, punch, first of the month.”

And that’s why you should never let children stay up to midnight on New Year’s Eve – least of all a pincer-fingered horde Continue reading



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William Shatner v Sarah Palin & Bernie Taupin

I always enjoy William Shatner‘s album Has Beenwith Ben Folds. (Nick Hornby – that man again – co-wrote one of the songs.) Shatner’s explanations are good value too if you get hold of the music/interview sampler. So, in the spirit of Has Been…

The great William Shatner does…     Rocket Man.

Or, more recently, William Shatner does… Sarah Palin.

(I saw these both at Patrick Madrid.)


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