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Great inventions that could change your life

1. Beer Protector – First of all, not everyone has given up smoking. And just because the smokers have left the bar for for a drag, it doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned their pints.

Is it not bad enough for them that they’re forced to indulge their filthy habit outside, shivering in the drizzle hunched over their sputtering butts, without having to worry that someone will hand their unfinished glass of Guinness to the barman and say: “I think this one’s dead.” Continue reading



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Red Cross Parcel

Parents just been over from Ireland with emergency  rations from deep in the heart of the Ulster countryside.  Yup, the world’s best cheese and onion crisps fromTayto castle.

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Things culchies like Kevin like…

1 A nice bit of ham.
2 Buttered biscuits.
3 Diggin Houles.
4 Saying its too cold to snow
5 Pretending to know about The Ra.
6 Tayto Cheese & Onion
7 Pretending they’re in The Ra.
8 A stretch in the evenings
9 Lucozade
10 Accordians
11 Pretending to like Holy Week.
12 A dinner dance
13 Gettin clattered in muck.
14 Shania Twain.
15 Hefers
16 Spittin in their hands before doing anything manual
17 Steel toe caps.
18 A big bowl of carrots & parsnips.
19 Eating sangwiches out of the boot of a car at GAA
20 Saying someones ‘Opened a Book’ on something.
21 The smell of fresh dung.
22 Slice-Your-Own Loaf.
23 Work Clothes
24 A bottle of mineral.
25 Fightin’.
26 Puttin on a ganzee to stop them from bein foundered
27 ‘The’ Hurling/Fitball.
28 Being overweight.
29 Weemin wha resemble Hefers.
30 Saying “Aaah” after taking their first sup of tae.
31 Drink driving.
32 Red diesel
33 The Fear of Change.
34 A nice bit of Barnbrack
35 Lying.
36 Building walls.
37 Being starved with the cold rather than with a lack of food
38 Pretending to like mass
39 Talking about shite like Flax and the Corncrake.
40 A good blackthorn walkin stick.
41 Shouting ‘Yeeeeeoooo’ when something good happens.
42 Mohammed Ali.
43 Machinery.
44 Doing somthing with a ‘yoke’
45 A good f**kin read of Irelands Own.
46 Gelling their 1cm fringe tight to their forehead.
47 Scandal, as long as its about other people.
48 Turf, because Sentirl heatin’s for weemin.
49 Soda farls.
50 Sponge ‘n Custirt
51 Newmerica’, and anything to do with it.
52 Givin the dog the wildest baytins.
53 Givin the wife the wildest baytins.
54 The Ra.
55 Winning a leg of lamb in a raffle.
56 Wrecking the house whilst steaming.
57 Club Orange
58 Rubbing their hands together before tucking intotheir dinner
59 The Foot & Mouth.
60 Aetin’ a big feed of spuds.
61 TK Red Lemonade

More from Kevin or the Culchie Festival itself  (October 23rd-25th 2009) in Ballyjamesduff.

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