What does heaven look like?

I know what it feels like. A hug.

But what does it look like?- asks Delores of the Loose Bloggers Consortium.

Hmmm… Hard one. I’ve been to Hell of course. I know what that looks like. Not my sort of place.

But as for Heaven? Don’t know. But I know who to ask.

David Byrne of course.

The good thing about that song is that it’s not too difficult to play a rudimentary version (the kind of version I specialise in) on the guitar.

You can find out how the rest of the Loose Bloggers Consortium see heaven by scrolling down the right hand side of the page and clicking in their links.



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18 responses to “What does heaven look like?

  1. Looks like 1-3-8-13-26-49 Florida lotto

  2. Hudson Howl

    You make a point sparingly.
    Well, um, the Canadian Public School system can take some credit for David’s creative mind, but I think he learned the guitar stateside.

  3. Heaven is no political conventions and thumping of chests while engagin in the sport of politicishia speech. Heaven is the smell of fresh rain, results of an outbirst, and the coolness of fresh damp air into a too-hot house; heaven is blogging with people over the pond, by the pond, near the pond and just jell’in and chill’in.

  4. Carl’s answer cracks me up!

  5. Interesting take – nice song. I do hope there’s a big library there – methinks I’ll finally have time again to read – assuming I make the cut.

  6. rummuser

    Another great idea of heaven:

  7. An endless party, yeeees. Sounds wonderful.
    Blessings – Maxi

  8. Heaven looks like a huge lump of candy floss, with lots of rainbows and wispy clouds and thousands of tulips. Has no one ever told you?

    • blackwatertown

      Eh Nick – don’t know how best to tell you this – so I’ll just go ahead and blurt it out…
      You’re getting mixed up with a My Little Pony bumper gift pack.

  9. I got stuck on your answer to Nick and cannot remember what went before!

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