Bread and Wellies

For your entertainment and enlightenment, check these out.

1. The Adventures of an Unfit Mother.

It’s up for a big British blogging award. It’s great fun – lighthearted and witty and warm. And you can help transport Emma, who writes it, all the way from little Glenavy village in County Antrim, north east of Ireland, all the way to Big London for the finals of the 2012 MAD (Mum and Dad) Blog Awards. All you have to do is go here and vote for Adventures of an Unfit Mother in the MAD Family Life Category. I did it and immediately my hair looked more glossy, my stride longer and my teeth more sparkling. Why don’t you try it? (Hair toss. Smile. Gleam.)

2. Bread

Jonathan Kent – using his loaf to accomplish a much needed facelift.

You think you know about bread? Ha! Think again.

Listen to this short radio series made by my mate Jonathan Kent.  It’s called Our Daily Bread, and runs \Monday to Friday next week on BBC Radio 4 from 1.45pm UK time. As Jonathan says: It’s been an adventure.  I’ve met some great people.  I’ve had enormous fun.  I also think that this is probably the best piece of radio I’ve ever made – a lot of effort, thought, love, inspiration…everything has gone into this.”

He says it’s about what bread says about almost every aspect of our lives. So listen live or via the BBC iPlayer. More details at Jonathan’s blog  Land of Oak and Iron.

Episode 1 – A Half-Baked History of the World in Seven Loaves (Monday 21st) – about bread as a marker for human development.

Episode 2 – Bread Kills (Tuesday 22nd) – bread and health.

Episode 3 – The Bread of Life (Wednesday 23rd) – faith

Episode 4 – The Bread of Nations (Thursday 24th) – bread and European culture

Episode 5 – Companionship (Friday 25th) – bread and human relationships

Sounds tasty. Even the Bread Kills episode. Are we talking loaves with seriously tough crusts, or what?

Reminds me of the epic battle between Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West) and Two-Ton Ted from Teddington (the bread delivery man who cuts down poor Ernie with a well aimed rock cake to the heart). See the Benny Hill song here.

(By the way the Radio 4 Pick of the Week contact page is here.)



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8 responses to “Bread and Wellies

  1. Oh wow! Thank you for that….and your hair looks GREAT! Xxx
    PS- will also check out ‘Our Daily Bread’ …love bread and real butter!

  2. Oh, this was great fun — I just popped over and voted for “Adventures of an Unfit Mother” in the Family Life category. Please keep us posted — I want to hear about it when Emma wins 🙂

  3. Obe Kbe, I voted for “Adventures of an Unfit Mother.” Please, let us know if Emma wins.
    Blessings – Maxi

  4. I went to vote and forgot to come back and tell you I did. I read back through Emma’s blog this morning and almost forgot to vote. I have noted the other programme and will make it my daily bread for next week.

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