Wedding blues

The father of the bride

I met this man on the train. He had a blue moustache which matched his blue jumper.

I had to ask…

Apparently he dyed it red, white and blue for Britain’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Now he has it blue to match the bridesmaids’ dresses at his daughter’s upcoming wedding.

Strangely enough, she’s not keen on the idea. But he figures it will lighten the mood and take her mind off stressful wedding planning. What a considerate dad.

Actually, he is considerate. He’s going to shave off the moustache completely.

And then replace it with a stick-on version.

Also dyed blue.

Which he plans to dramatically rip off during the wedding reception. During his speech I imagine.

This is why I talk to people on public transport.

I wasn’t sure what title to give this post. Perhaps you can come up with something better than “wedding blues”.



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22 responses to “Wedding blues

  1. 29

    Apparently you are not acquainted with the basic rules on buses;
    1 You must wear your seat belt, and
    2 Your clothes and moustache must match the colour of the seat upholstery

    Obvious my dear Blackwatsontown.
    On the other hand, maybe it is just something his old regiment The Blues and Royals always do or perhaps he smokes Gallaghers Blues.

    • blackwatertown

      Yes the seat upholstery cover is very similar. I can imagine him rejecting train after train until an appropriately upholstered carriage paused at his platform.

  2. It’s a good thing it was blue and not green, Paul, the wedding blues title wouldn’t really have worked then… 😉

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  4. This man has a great sense of humor; his daughter must be used to it.
    Wedding blues is fine, HH. Blue on blue would be another.

    Blessings – Maxi

  5. One of my brothers has a mop of curly hair just like the man above, add to that a very bushy long beard. A month or two ago he had it all coloured like a rainbow for Charity. A friend once asked who the druid was in a family photo. He must have made a very colourful Druid!

    I love the way you talk to people you meet on your travels. I do it all the time and learn such interesting things about them.

    I heard a familiar voice on the radio the other day and smiled, “Thats Paul!” I shouted at the furniture.. The chairs all listened attentively.

  6. If you tried having a converstation with anyone in the southern realms of the galaxy on your travels, they’d probably be on their mobiles faster than you knew how, calling for the little white vans and the men in the white coats to take you away…strait jacket and all 😉 Anti-social lot southerners!! 😉

    • blackwatertown

      Well, you’re right. It doesn’t always work. I canvassed opinions on the train last week as to what the answer would be to a crossword clue. Of ten people, not one knew the answer. And it was the quick crossword! (Naturally I knew but was just giving them all a chance to feel included.)

  7. A crayon kind of life, a color me in type of guy, gives “Am I blue,” a plaintive sound uttered by a huskay jazz voice of woman who smoked too many cigarettes, suffered too much my man’s done gone type of thing, and one could go on.

  8. husky – sorry it’s morning

  9. Very creative and very amusing. His daughter should be pleased to have such a great dad!

  10. Me too, the human race is endlessly fascinating. And I love that non-comformist dad,. Perhaps expressing his emotion through his ‘tache.

  11. This is a great post!

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