Street Art 1: Happy people v worried dog

This guy was loitering down the road.

Looking cheery.

But he was a man of straw.






Unlike this happy couple of solid citizens further on – Churchill and Roosevelt – also smiling.

It must be catching.

Or maybe they only had eyes for each other?

A boy and his dog were looking on anxiously from the south side of the Thames.

I could tell what they were thinking:

“Cripes! That must be where Cameron and Clegg got their coalition idea.”



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11 responses to “Street Art 1: Happy people v worried dog

  1. Out of the mouth of babes! Now i am all disappointed, I wanted the details of the sculptors, especially of the first one. 😉

    • blackwatertown

      Good point. Can’t have you feeling disappointed, so…
      1. By Helen Spicer, 2012.
      2. ‘Allies’ by Lawrence Holofcener, 1995 or thereabouts.
      3. ‘A Thames Tale’ by Amanda Hinge (one tile from a series).

  2. FDR and Winston really portrays the friendship

    • blackwatertown

      And it’s cleverly designed so that you can sit between them.
      (Which may suggest that you’re Stalin, but never mind. You could even suggest that Stalin’s omission is an eloquent tribute to his tendency to alter photographs to delete people he’d turned against.)

  3. Val

    Except that why does it look like Winston is saying “is that your armpits I can smell?” (No offense to anyone!) 😉

    • blackwatertown

      Actually, if you look closely, Winnie seems to be shifting his posture to speed the passage of a gust of his own wind. The smirk of satisfaction suggests that he’s about to say: “Get a whiff of that!”

  4. 29

    There is not enough space for Stalin between them, perhaps just enough for the lean taulle De Gaulle, he would have enjoyed looking down his rather pronounced nose at them. Besides for Stalin, bronze would not have been adequate, he was not a bronzeman, not even an ironman but a man of steel.

  5. Lot of talent in the sculptures of Churchill and Roosevelt. Only had eyes for each other … hmm.
    Blessings – Maxi

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