Cool Dog 100k

Cool Dog – Alfie – Deptford, London

COOL DOG is here to mark a small Blackwatertown landmark. You – dear readers – have visited this blog 100,000 times and brought the comment total above 5,000.

Thank you.

You’re as cool (if not even cooler) than Cool Dog.

Meanwhile, thank you also to anyone who has downloaded a copy of my ebook The Obituarist. I don’t know who you all are – but I’d love to hear so that I can thank you personally – so let me know if you do – email me at paulwaters99 AT

But I can thank Michael J Lawrence (author of The Aphrodite Conspiracy) for this review:

Got absolutely no work done that afternoon as I opened the first page and the story just kept me engaged until I finished it. Tally ho chaps, bandits at twelve o’clock. A ripping yarn!

Once again, thank you all for dropping by and please come again. Or even better, let’s meet up for a pot, cup or a glass.



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12 responses to “Cool Dog 100k

  1. It was a pleasure Paul, and I am willing to meet up again when you are this side of the water. A glutton for punishment, I am!! 😉

  2. Carolina Cossi

    Your blog is so well organized, congratulations.

  3. rummuser


    I must have been among the very first to.

  4. 29

    Congrats from me also. At this moment I am imitating the Hussein Bolt iconic signature gesture, how cool is that, and difficult to do at the same time as typing!!

  5. Awesome! Congratulations 🙂 Hmm…another 50,000 or so visits lol and mine might be trailing hopefully somewhere in the distance light years behind yours 😉 And pigs might fly lol! I am seriously impressed….I will howl this awe-inspiring news from the roof-tops at the time of the next Full Moon 🙂

  6. Sorry, I havent contributed much to that tally of late but I will download the book next payday, I’m in need of some decent reading.

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