Scary and shocking times with Buzz Aldrin

Steve Dodds (THE Steve Dodds) and an astronaut called Buzz Aldrin. You might have heard of him.

Quick! Give me something to calm me down! I can’t cope with the excitement – the surprise – and the fear! (Not to mention the exclamation marks!)

First it was Buzz Aldrin – I encountered him through work today.

Buzz Aldrin. THE Buzz Aldrin. Buzz Aldrin!

Buzz Aldrin in his work clothes. Yup. He’s on the moon.

He was charming, chatty, understated and interesting – as you’d expect. He was supporting the Aerobility charity effort to raise funds for a flight simulator for people with disabilities.

So he talked about that a bit. But I have to admit I was thinking the whole time – but what about space, the rocket, THE MOON!!!    We did get on to that.

Anyway – that was the excitement.

Next came the shock.

I was having a quiet pint (Doombar – the Rebellion was off – temporarily I hope) when a bloke accosted me to say: “I’ve bought your book online.”

A feeling of surprise and contentment came over me – like the face-reddening warmth from an open fire when you come inside from the cold. He quickly followed up with: “But don’t get excited – I haven’t read it yet.”

It was too late. I’d already swept him into my arms to kiss and embrace him.

Well, I would have done if I hadn’t been in a rush to pick up some girls from the Monday evening youth club. However, if I ever see him again…

But – finally – I forgot to mention the fear.

While picking up Top Girl from school, a gorgeous sweet-talking mother invited me to join a group performing at the Christmas concert. “I hear you’re very good on the guitar,” said she. “You can accompany us .”

This is not a picture of the bewitching lady who talked me into the looming performance. It’s from the song below.

I was too distracted and confused wondering where on earth she’d got the idea about my guitar skills to realise that I had been smoothly recruited.

But hey – no worries – I just have to learn the guitar.

Can’t be that difficult, can it? And it’s ages to Christmas, isn’t it? What could possibly go wrong?

To help calm me down – and in honour of Buzz – here’s a lovely lost band called Watercress I used to see in Belfast and their song Spacegirl. (Takes 20 secs or so to get going.)



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14 responses to “Scary and shocking times with Buzz Aldrin

  1. Hee hee! Love that you’ll be playing guitar- YouTube was made for times just like that!
    When we lived in America the local primary school was called Buzz Aldrin Elementary….he used to make a guest appearance from time to time.

  2. He’s famous. Doubly Famous! An author and a musician who plays to the PUBLIC! I knew I shouldn’t have washed my hand! Go for it and make Erin proud.

  3. 29

    The first to the top of Everest, first 4 min mile, first on the moon; the second and all the pyramid of people forming the teams assisting them to their achievements are usually forgotten, not in this case it is good to see. The name I’m sure helped. Buzz, I like it. The nearest that I ever got was the Duracell Man.

    • blackwatertown

      Buzz was a nickname, because his sister could not say “brother” – she said “buzzer”. But Buzz changed his name officially so that he is now officially Buzz. Coincidentally his mother’s maiden name was Moon.

  4. There ya go, HH. Write a book, become well known, next thing you hob nob with the rich and famous. All you have to do now is get a guitar and you’re all set.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  5. What a day! I’d have been raging I didn’t have a handy Buzz Lightyear for him to sign
    Looking forward to the guitar playing- maybe Emma could put it over at hers?

  6. rummuser

    You have made it mate. Now there will be no stopping you.

  7. You might think from Buzz Aldrin’s famous lunar exploits that he was a well-adjusted sort of guy, but I read that he struggled with depression and alcoholism after leaving NASA, and has been married three times. There’s a dark side to the glamorous image.

  8. I am soooooo jealous that you met Buzz Aldrin! Therefore I am not at all sympathic about your guitar problem! lol Christmas is just round the corner…of course you won’t have time to learn this reaaaalllllly complicated instrument in time!! Oh ok…that’s not nice 😉 I am sure you will learn it no problem and do absolutely wonderfully on the day 🙂 And congratulations on your book sale…always good to know an author reallllllly appreciates his buyers! 😀

    • blackwatertown

      My cunning plan is this – if the others sing really loudly, I can just mime. Or maybe play every third chord. Or just the Gs. Nobody will notice, huh?

      • europasicewolf

        Errmm…I think they might! lol 😉 You had better start learning now … and work very long and hard at it! lol…you don’t have much time!! Wolfie knows these things 😉 I play electric guitar 😀 Good luck!

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