Stop looking for answers in everyone’s eyes…

Trish Keenan died last month. She was the singer from UK electronic band band Broadcast.

My mate Mark introduced me to their music.

Their song Come On Let’s Go offers a wealth of good advice for social occasions:

1. You won’t find it by yourself – you’re gonna need some help.
2. Stop looking for answers in everyone’s face.
3. (At a busy loud party.) What’s the point in wasting time on people that you’ll never know. Come on let’s go.

Just listening again to the lyrics, like many Van Morrison love songs, you could imagine that they’re addressed to God.

And speaking of looking for answers in other people’s faces…

Here’s a face in a million. It’s made from almost 10,000 pieces of toast. A back-breakingly prepared birthday surprise which is apparently recognised by the Guinness Book of Records, (beating the previous record-holding school in the Netherlands).

Laura Hadland from Leicester decided to mark her mother-in-law Sandra Whitfield’s 50th birthday with this toast mosaic.

It took 600 loaves of bread, 50 people, 128.05 square metres, 9,852 slices of toast (dark, medium & light)  and seven hours of toasting and sticking down.

The birthday girl’s verdict? “I love toast, but it was a massive shock seeing my face made out of it.” (You can get the full story Pick Me Up Magazine – essential reading.)



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5 responses to “Stop looking for answers in everyone’s eyes…

  1. Haunting voice. I like it. Great face Hope everyone did not get too “toasted”

  2. Hmm sage advice . . we had an “Aroma Festival” here last year and they made Marilyn Munroe’s famous Warhol painting out of coffee cups. Very impressive. But toast? The seagulls would have a field day.

  3. I wonder how many bits of toast they eat as they were making the mosaic? By the time it was finished I’m sure no one wanted to hear the word never mind eat the stuff!

  4. “The eyes have it” in Laura Hadland’s toast mosaic—they are happy and glowing.

    Hats off to the toasters.

  5. Barbara Rodgers

    How shocking and sad for someone so young to die of pneumonia – I wonder if it was one of those antibiotic resistant strains?

    “wasting time on people that you’ll never know” could be one of my definitions of small talk… Thanks for posting the video – I’d never heard of Broadcast before.

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