Olympics Part 1

Not sure who’s behind this graffiti – Criminal Chalklist or Maximilian Holden Perchik.

The Olympics has seeped its way deep into my day.

A typical business call goes like this:

ME: Hello, It’s HH from blah-de-blah.

THEM: Hello….

ME: Oh wait, Tom Daley and the other guy are about to dive.

THEM: Yeah, we’re watching too.

…time passes, splosh.

ME: Hmm, not sure. (Or other learned judgement.)

THEM: I think little baldy went too soon. Anyway… [Until the next dive.]

Or during an output review:

PEOPLE BASED IN A DIFFERENT CITY: So what did you think of what we did?

US: Er… Sorry, couldn’t hear it. There was too much cheering in the office. It was the rowing.

Then there are the discussions about whether it might be good to hear a teensy weensy wee bit more about stellar athletes from countries other than Britain, even if it means hearing a teensy weensy bit less about someone British who came eighth in a heat. I seem to be in a minority of one on that topic.

South Korean fencer Shin A Lam

There are lots of serious aspects of the London Olympics – bad and good. Don’t mention the branding police, for instance. Or one of the sponsors in particular. Ugh! And I feel sad for South Korean fencer Shin A Lam, who staged a lonely protest after she was maybe treated unfairly because the timer malfunctioned. You can see it all here. She’s been given a consolatory pretend medal to make up for it.

But never mind all that. It’s fun. I saw the torch. Speccy’s bloke ran with it. The opening ceremony was the most brilliantly bonkers thing I’ve seen in ages – though SamHenry disagrees

High Kingdom – trained by William Micklem, County Wicklow.

Even if an Irish human doesn’t win anything – which they will – Ireland is in the medals already anyway, thanks to High Kingdom. He carried Zara Phillips to a silver in the eventing. Someday Zara is going to have to learn to take those fences herself. She can’t expect Irish Olympians to ferry her around all the time.

The rest of the Loose Bloggers Consortium are barging each other in their desperate dash for the gold medal-winning post on the Olympics today. You can judge who won by scrolling down the right hand side of the screen to their links.



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16 responses to “Olympics Part 1

  1. I hear you can travel around London these days faster than an Olympic Sprinter. Enjoy the freedom.

  2. Love that bit of graffiti!

  3. 29

    What a preparation for her bronze medal bout. The ? committee thus doubly did her down. What were the names of these judges and their country affiliations? That would be interesting to know. Possibly one spin off for her will be that when the medal winners are long forgotten her name will live on as competitors pray that they will not have a ‘Shin A Lam’ done to them.

  4. cmccon1

    I’m with you Paul – I enjoy the excellence wherever it’s from. But I do root harder for my team 🙂 I also have had similar phone conversations – one particularly long during that memorable (to us in the USA) Miracle on Ice game when another manager and I locked our stores and listened to the radio broadcast live of the last few minutes oif the game.

    • blackwatertown

      The good thing about have a variety of different nationalities around is that you get startled by cheers at surprising moments – because not everyone is following the same agenda.
      Unless you have loads of Australians. They’re not doing much cheering this time round.

  5. A business call, hmm. Like the graffiti.
    Blessings – Maxi

  6. rummuser

    Wait, our man is shooting! Bang, he is out of the contest.

  7. theoldfossil

    I felt bad for the fencer, too! All that heart and soul poured into an event and then to have it snatched away by technical malfunction. Like all good competitors, to be defeated is an understood part of the game, but this isn’t being defeated by the opponent – although at times, the judges do seem to count as the opposition!

  8. Serious Olympic fever going on in Wolfie world 🙂 Got to watch the women’s road race and took some great video footage…at least it was until I uploaded it to find one was upside down and to date there’s no way I know of to rotate it the right way up and the other one with all those great cyclists is scarily poor quality possibly due to too much zooming…or camera fault…horror of horrors 😉 But I was there! I loved that comment about Zara Philips having to take the fences herself 🙂 And your sense of humour shines through in this post contributing to its great content 🙂

  9. blackwatertown

    Thank you.
    I seldom bother with filming sports or anything fast moving, because I know my phone is rubbish in that regard.

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